ARB Zero Fridge | Freezer


Are you looking for a fridge / freezer that can handle everything you want it to. Look no further. The ARB Zero fridge has a modern look with performance that will blow your mind. This fridge features both front and rear DC inlets which allow you more options when mounting the fridge in a car or camper. You also have the luxury of having a USB 5V Outlet on the front to charge your devices.

The 38qt and 47qt model have front facing lids while the 63qt and up offer a reversible side-opening lid.

The ZERO fridge slide is a versatile mounting solution for your ZERO fridge due to its compact design which will minimize cargo intrusion. With a flat mounting base for secure fitment and multi position latch, the fridge slide will ensure easy access to your fridge at all times. Sealed heavy-duty roller bearings deliver smooth operation and prevent dust and grit. This slide is finished in a zinc plated and black epoxy E-coat surface finish for superb durability.

The tie down system includes stainless steel fridge mount brackets, quick-release buckles, heavy-duty polyester webbing straps and fridge slide mount brackets.

The ARB transit bag will shield your ZERO fridge from any dents or scratches while also providing extra insulation for extreme temperatures. Made with durable materials the transit bag features dual side storage zip pockets with integrated slots for the fridge power pack and item such as power cords or instruction booklet.

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