OME Old Man Emu 2-3″ Lift Kit (3rd Gen 4Runner)


The OME Old Man Emu Suspension for the 1996-2002 4Runner is a tried and true cost-effective way to lift your 3rd Gen 4Runner 2-3” while not using spacers for lift. If you are looking for a better ride both on and off-road this is it.


**OME Suspensions are designed and engineered with ride quality in mind. Please note that medium load coils are designed for vehicles with extra front loads such as a steel bumper and heavy load coils are designed for vehicles with full front load weight such as a bumper and winch combination. Rear coil springs/leaf packs are also designed with additional weight in mind. Using medium or heavy load springs without the proper added extra weight may result in a decrease in overall ride quality during vehicle operations.**


Current lead time: 4 Weeks

2880 Light load (stock weight): Provides 2″ of lift
2881 Medium load (70lbs-100lbs): Provides 2.5″ of lift
2883 Heavy load (200lbs+): Provides 2.5-3″ of lift

2906 Medium load (stock weight) Provides 2″ lift 30% stiffer than stock
2890 Heavy Load (100lbs-200lbs) Provides 2.5″ of lift
2891 Heavy Load (200lbs+) Provides 2.5-3″ of lift

1″ drop down spacer lowers the front differential and restores the factory inner CV angles.
Inexpensive upgrade to add extra life to rubber CV boots. Relax the angle on the inner and CV joints by 2-3 degrees.

SPC: Fully Adjustable to set your own caster while allowing more down travel

Take the hard work out of assembling the front shocks and coils, assembling the front shocks is the most difficult step of installing this lift if your a DIY. This Includes brand new top hats and will make your lift kit a turn key install. The $190 includes everything you need for a plug and play install and will save you hours of time.


OME-60073-P – OME Nitrocharger Sport Rear Shocks – Soft Valving
OME-60028-P – OME Nitrocharger Sport Rear Shocks – Medium Valving
OME-60027-P – OME Nitrocharger Sport Rear Shocks – Firm Valving

DuroBumps are custom-fitted and built with the durable performance of dual durometer rubber to provide a smoother progressive dampening. Reduce hard bottom outs and gain better off road control and comfort vs harsh-on-contact OEM bump stops.

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