Bilstein | OME RTR Lift Kit – 1st Gen Tundra


Unlike most Bilstein 5100s online, the YotaMafia kit comes pre-assembled, is torqued to spec, and is ready to bolt in upon arrival.

Let our Ready To Roll Bilstein / OME lift kit take you on your next adventure.

With years of experience and extensive product testing, we have pieced together the best bang for your buck suspension kit. This kit is more then a lift, it will change your Tundra’s ride quality from brake diving and body roll to a comfortable firmer ride using quality suspension components sourced using Bilstein 5100’s and ARB Old Man Emu coils. Pairing these parts together allows you to use a Bilstein 5100 and keep the cir-clip on the bottom so we get full up travel and down travel on the front shocks. This is an improved way of lifting your Tundra as opposed to just using the 5100s and pre-loading a stock coil.

This kit also utilizes SPC upper Control arms for improved handling, slightly more down travel and a much better true alignment opposed to what your factory upper control arms can provide when lifted.

Install time is 6 hours with upper control arms.

Current lead time: 2-3 weeks

LD – Light duty coils, intended to be used under stock vehicle weight.
MD – Medium duty coils, intended to be used under stock weight to gain 2.5″ of lift or under medium weight (70-100lbs) to gain 2″ of lift.
HD – Heavy duty coils, intended to be used under heavy weight (100lbs+) to gain 2.5″ of lift.

Designed, engineered, tested, and assembled in Colorado; SPC Performance’s adjustable upper control arms are loaded with the features you need. Improve suspension travel, handling, and tire wear while you center your tire in the wheel well to maximize clearance for your oversized tires. Equipped with greaseable ball joints and xAxis™ sealed flex joints in bonded rubber sleeves, this arm will both correct alignment angles and restore factory ride quality. SPC’s forged steel design provides the strength and durability needed for the most demanding environments.

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