By signing up for our membership, you not only join an awesome community of Toyota enthusiasts, such as yourself, but you’ll also gain access to members-only perks including:

  • Your personalized dash plaque
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  • Your own unique YMR (Yota Mafia Registry) number
  • Entered into our national database of members

Register today for your exclusive membership with Yota Mafia. You will receive an exclusive discount coupon code in your registration email after filling out the form below. All memberships require the purchase of our member dash plaque that are personalized for your truck. Each new registrant is assigned a sequential number. Numbers cannot be requested. Ex. the first to sign up is YMR# 0001, the 14th to sign up is YMR# 0014 and so on. These are made from high-quality aluminum and measure 3.6″ long, 1.1″ tall and are backed with self peeling adhesive. You have the option to add thick 3M backing or velcro for an additional cost.

“I just want to give a huge thanks to YotaMafia for my membership plaque. It looks super clean on my dash. Also, the membership discount codes are pretty sweet too! Cheers, fam!
—Brenan Greene,