3rd Gen Tacoma Rock Light Kit FAQs

Q – Why does this kit cost so much money compared to others on the market?

A – In a single word, QUALITY.  This kit includes the best LED lights from KC.  The lights alone sell for $28 to $35 each (as much as $140 for the 4 that are included in the kit.).  The harness is custom made for a perfect fit, the Plug and Play adapter is unique, includes an unique relay with protection circuit, detailed instructions, and includes a new mounting solution for the rear fender wells that require no new holes.

Q – Will this fit the 1st and 2nd Generation Tacoma?

A – No, this is designed only for the 3rd Gen Tacoma.  The other generations do not have the factory mounting points or bed light switch which is required for the plug and play function to work.  We are considering making a version for the older models in the future.

Q – Do I have to drill holes in the vehicle to install this kit?

A – There are factory holes for the light in the front fender well, but you will need to drill two very small holes next to them to allow the light pigtails to pass into the engine compartment.  The kit includes two rubber grommets that will seal the edges to prevent chaffing and protect the wiring.  For the rear lights, all kits include two mounting options.  One requires drilling a hole in the top of each fender well; the other option was recently developed and installs into an existing hole in the Fender liner requiring no new hole to be drilled.

Q – I mounted the rear lights by drilling holes at the top of the rear fender well.  The install looks ugly because the nut is exposed inside the truck bed.  How do I fix this?

A – A Youtube Video that was posted recently incorrectly shows installing the lights this way.  By properly following the instructions included in the kit you will see that the system is designed to be installed so that the shiny Stainless Steel button head is the only part exposed in the truck bed.  It is a clean look and blends well with the rest of the bed hardware.  You can correct your issue by removing the lights and reinstalling them as indicated in the instructions. (Using the new rear mounting option eliminates this issue completely).

Q – Will installing this kit damage my vehicle or factory wiring?

A – No.  When installed correctly as detailed in the instructions this kit will not interfere with or damage any factory wiring or electrical components on the vehicle.